Saturday, February 14, 2015

When the Inspiration Comes..

When the inspiration comes.... it's time to update my blog, but what am I going to write mainly are the goals I set for this year, 2015 ! I bet everyone have set their own goals every year. I have forgotten my last year's goal so forget about it. Let's talk about this year! 

1. Get Good Grades in my Degree!
2. No last minute study and assignments, so I can achieve my second goal. LOL! *impossible.

3. Earn as much as I can, but the problem is... i'm studying, full of assignments and bullshits exams. 

4. Go to Hardwell, Afrojack, Martin Garrix and more famous dj's concert!

5. Travel to Seoul, Korea! 

5. Be a success 'little' entrepreneur . Stay Tuned for the news!

I think there's only five goals in my mind right now. I hope I can achieve mine, and I wish that you also can achieve yours! Don't give up! Good Luck and Good Night and Wish every couples Happy Valentine Day! 

Thursday, February 05, 2015

21st Birthday

Hello my lovely readers,
Time flies, I'm 21 years old now! I remember I started to blog since 2009, but I quit for a few years till now. Sorry for that!
Anyway, I have started my degree life in Inti College Penang! I took Business Marketing and Event Management course, so anything related to this course, you can ask me. 

I'm here to thank to all my friends who came to my birthday party and their sweet surprising gift. I was unexpected that so many were coming. I also have to thanks my family that help me on my birthday and their gift. 

Good Night!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Hi again.

Hi again, 
It's November now, 2014 is going to end soon. I have been missing for few months again bz of working. It quite a sad month for me, bz my dog ( benny ) knock my a car and passed away. I don't know why he want to ran away from home that time, I was sleeping that time. I can't see his body or 'last face' bz the security throw his body. I feel very sad that I couldn't see him for his last breath. I'm really miss him so much. He was my partner for 11 years. :( 

 Anyway, recently I have joined a modelling course in Herms Model x Amber Chia Academy, it's quite fun and interesting. 
Glad to know all of them. 
Second, I'm going to China tomorrow and the weather is freaking cold as I know that now is -1. How am I going to enjoy. :( Seriously I'm afraid of cold and I brought a lot of clothes and it make my luggage heavy because of winter clothes. 

Good Night and Sweet Dream.

Going to do more reviews ! Stay Tuned <3 p="">

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Camera Review : Casio EX-TR15 VS TR35 VS TR50

I am going to do a camera review for Casio EX-TR35 & TR50 and Sony KW1. So everyone know what is "the most expensive selfie camera" in this world is what brand. CASIOOOO. I believe that many girls wish to have one bz me tooo. :( *damnexpensive* *cryyyy*  Boys always said to girls, " You can use Iphone to selfie, why have to buy so expensive camera just for selfie?? " I guess most of the girls answer will be like that " Auto edit is the best, better than click one by one and edit one by one " . *oops* Having a camera is the most important thing for girls, don't blame us bz we like selfies!! *yayyy*  

Let me continue about the reviews.

What's the difference between TR15 & TR 35 & TR50 ? Let's figure it out.

First , the camera design. It's almost the same surface but the color is different and pattern. In Casio TR15 only have vivid pink, white, black, pink and green but for TR35, have new colors such as Blue ( Limited! ), orange and light violet. Another TR50 , only have 3 colors which is gold, red and violet.

Above is Casio EX-TR15

Above is Casio EX-TR35

Above is Casio EX-TR50

About the differences for 3 cameras :

Megapixels : TR15 & TR35 : 12.1 megapixels    TR50 : 11.1 megapixels 

Battery Life : TR15 & TR35 : 260                       TR50 : 240

High Speed Auto Focus : TR15 & TR35 : 0.18s    TR50 : 0.23s

Anti Shake Function : TR15 & TR35 only.

After view all the videos, how's your feeling? Feeling itchy inside your heart? 

If anyone interested, please personal message me in my facebook
Thank you.