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Hi again.

Hi again, 
It's November now, 2014 is going to end soon. I have been missing for few months again bz of working. It quite a sad month for me, bz my dog ( benny ) knock my a car and passed away. I don't know why he want to ran away from home that time, I was sleeping that time. I can't see his body or 'last face' bz the security throw his body. I feel very sad that I couldn't see him for his last breath. I'm really miss him so much. He was my partner for 11 years. :( 

 Anyway, recently I have joined a modelling course in Herms Model x Amber Chia Academy, it's quite fun and interesting. 
Glad to know all of them. 
Second, I'm going to China tomorrow and the weather is freaking cold as I know that now is -1. How am I going to enjoy. :( Seriously I'm afraid of cold and I brought a lot of clothes and it make my luggage heavy because of winter clothes. 

Good Night and Sweet Dream.

Going to do more reviews ! Stay Tuned <3 p="">

Camera Review : Casio EX-TR15 VS TR35 VS TR50

I am going to do a camera review for Casio EX-TR35 & TR50 and Sony KW1. So everyone know what is "the most expensive selfie camera" in this world is what brand. CASIOOOO. I believe that many girls wish to have one bz me tooo. :( *damnexpensive* *cryyyy*  Boys always said to girls, " You can use Iphone to selfie, why have to buy so expensive camera just for selfie?? " I guess most of the girls answer will be like that " Auto edit is the best, better than click one by one and edit one by one " . *oops* Having a camera is the most important thing for girls, don't blame us bz we like selfies!! *yayyy*  

Let me continue about the reviews.

What's the difference between TR15 & TR 35 & TR50 ? Let's figure it out.

First , the camera design. It's almost the same surface but the color is different and pattern. In Casio TR15 only have vivid pink, white, black, pink and green but for TR35, have new colors such as Blue ( Limited! ), orange and light violet. Another TR50 , only have 3 colors which is gold, red and violet.

Above is Casio EX-TR15

Above is Casio EX-TR35

Above is Casio EX-TR50

About the differences for 3 cameras :

Megapixels : TR15 & TR35 : 12.1 megapixels    TR50 : 11.1 megapixels 

Battery Life : TR15 & TR35 : 260                       TR50 : 240

High Speed Auto Focus : TR15 & TR35 : 0.18s    TR50 : 0.23s

Anti Shake Function : TR15 & TR35 only.

After view all the videos, how's your feeling? Feeling itchy inside your heart? 

If anyone interested, please personal message me in my facebook
Thank you. 

Ads: Photo Shoot @ Affetto Studio


It's been a long time I didn't went to studio shoot of myself, *bzialwaysselfie* Last month, my friend called me and ask me about how was my bloggie, I was like, omgggg I've been stop for months, and he still remember my bloggie. Awww. Let me introduce my friend's studio called Affetto Studio . They provide many services such as Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, Wedding Photoshoot, Portrait Photoshoot and more. You can contact their person in charge  for more information.

Let me share a few pictures of myself.

Stay Tuned for next photo shoot maybe. opps.  

Remember quote my name "missyanda" for more discount .
Contact them : 
Affetto Studio 

Beside that, if you go to the studio for shooting, you can sign up a card called MySuperVip . It's a point collection card. You can collect the points and redeem voucher up to 60 retails in Penang.

How to collect point? 

It's easy, whenever you go to those shops/ restaurant that have MySuperVip, you can collect your points and accumulate the points to change vouchers. 

How to sign up ? Is it free?

You can log on to their website to sign up. It is free, you just need to sign up and it will send to your mail attach with a picture of your code. Whenever you want to collect the point, you just show the cashier/waiters the picture. 

How to redeem vouchers after accumulate the points?  

Sign up first and click into Shops/Redeems.

For more FAQ, check their website. 

Thank you for reading my post. 


The first thing when you talk is saying this word, "Hi".
 'Hi' is the most important word that could make people smile without any action.

So, Hi everyone.

I'm back to blogging. *ialwayssaidthatbutdidntdoit* I have been missing in this blog for two years, I feel sorry to my old readers. I promise everyone again *againandagain*  I will try to blog as much as I can. 

So, please support my blog and like my page in facebook ( Missyanda Dale ) for more updates. 

I have two good news to share with my friends. First is about my blog collaborations, I have accept a few sponsorships retails so I am going to share the foods, hairdos, fashion and more on my blog! That's the reason why I re-open my blog. The second is about my life, I have finished my diploma life last month. I am getting bored right now, beside work as freelancer, everyday just sleep and eat. Therefore, I decided to re-open my blog and post whatever I like to post or whatever I like to gossip better than sleep at home doing nothing and watch those dramatic dramas *shhhhh* 

So, which do you prefer I blog about? 
Foods? *gruuuuupp*

Fashion? *yeah*
Beauty? *opps*
Girl Gossips ? *ilikeit*
Business? *ohgoshno* 

Stay Tuned for next post :)
| Missyanda Dale |

New Lappie

Hello, I'm back. I'm here to say SORRY to my readers that I had stop blogging since last month. My time is quite pack bz new semester's subjects are tough.
Let's skip about this.
I got my new lappie, thanks to my daddy again. I change my lappie bz I kinda hate the OS, but I like the design of the Macbook. So I decided to buy a Windows bz is easy to do my programming and I can download as many online games I like. HAHAHA. 

Let me introduce you a brand new technology laptop - ASUS VIVOBOOK S550C SERIES

Now a days, technology improve very fast, like smartphone, each year have different technology came out. You can see now technology is new in the market, as I studied computer science, I think I can earn many money. WAHAHHAA. But there are only 70% people came out from UNI get the job that they studied. Is hard to work in a technology world. :(( I hope I'm in the 30%.

Sleek and elegant
Hairline-spun textured metal surfaces allow ASUS VivoBook S550 to elegantly stand out from the crowd. With its Ultrabook™ form factor, it still packs full features in a slender build, matching the dynamic nature of new high-portability and intuitive computing. The slim design is easy to carry while showcasing premium chic and feel.
ASUS VivoBook S550 ushers in completely new touch experiences with its all-glass panel. Smooth throughout, the responsive touchscreen means your fingers can slide edge to edge naturally and unhindered. This flowing motion makes swiping, scrolling, and all other gestures quicker, more intuitive, and incredibly rewarding. The all-glass panel goes far beyond the constraints of traditional touchscreens to give you unmitigated touch performance.

2-Second Instant On

Exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology offers smartphone-like 2-second instant on from sleep or hibernate modes, so you can resume without delay. ASUS VivoBook S550 is all about quick accessibility and with its energy-conserving design goes into standby for up to two weeks. Open files and tasks are kept safe in memory, plus should the battery drop below 5% charge while you’re away, data gets automatically backed up. Your valuable content is always secure and within reach! 

*Actual standby time may vary due to specific component performance, connected devices, and environmental differentiation

Looking for the Specification? Click here.

I bought from a shop in Pragin Mall, the price for this laptop is RM2499, I get free slim bag and 4GB RAM. For college student, MUST BUY! It's kinda worth. The lappie speaker is very nice and the weight of this lappie is quite light.